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Carport Gazebo Patio Canopies Awnings in Miami

Carport Miami Awnings We’re a licensed, and insured awning company in Miami-Dade County. We provide our customers with quality awning products and experiences. From the creative process, to permitting and through installation, we handle it all.

We have more than 15 years of professional experience in custom design work of patio awnings, for residential and commercial customers. Let us create a beautiful, useful awning for you, with custom design ideas that will complement your home and exterior decor. Whether you enjoy the natural look of cream and bone colors or want something more exciting and multicolored, we have all the styles and selections you can think of to work your ideas into the perfect custom awning design.

We pride ourselves in making our Customers Happy. We will handle all the installation needs of your patio awnings and will come back for regular maintenance and any repairs your awnings may need in the future. Contact us today. Don't spend another summer indoors, when you can enjoy the shade and weather protection that's offered from our top-quality awnings.

Carport Miami Awnings
Custom Design Ideas for Outdoor Awnings

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• Commercial
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At Sunshine Awning we specialize in the manufacturing of custom-made awnings and can create patio awnings for you in just about any shape, size, color, or style you request. You'll find hundreds of colors to choose from and a wealth of information on standard sizes of patio awnings to help you decide what's right for you.