Canopies, Carport, Gazebo and Patio Awnings

Patio Gazebo Carport Canopies Awnings in Miami

Carport Awnings

Miami Sunshine Awnings Carports are highly useful due to their minimal need for space on the ground combined with the large shelter it provides. Fixed against the naturally strong wall of a house or garage, each Carport we supply is further reinforced thanks to its structurally simple yet effective supports. Each supporting column offers further reinforcement to the canopy roof ensuring full protection is offered at all times.
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Gazebo Awnings / Canopies Awnings

Miami Sunshine Awnings Canopy awnings supply protection from the sun during the hot summer months, lowering indoor temperature by 15-20 degrees, while creating cooler outdoor living conditions. In most cases, the energy costs reductions will pay for the custom awning in three to five years. The same patio awnings & canopies that offers you and your family protection from the sun will allow you to host outdoor functions regardless of weather conditions.
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Patio Awnings / Terrace Awnings

Miami Sunshine Awnings Patio awnings are coverings placed over the patio area in order to provide protection from various types of weather conditions. The awnings are normally placed at a height that allows ample headroom for people to stand in the patio area and move about freely. In most designs, the patio awning is anchored on the exterior wall along one side of the patio area and is usually supported with some type of frame construction of wood or metal. The awning provides shade as well as protection from wind and rain.
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Window Awnings

Miami Sunshine Awnings Traditional Window Awnings throughout history have always had a great appeal. Not only do these Traditional Window Awnings look great on your home they are also appropriate for historical buildings. With a wide range of solid colors and stripes available in Sunbrella Fabrics, you can create a beautiful distinguished style for your home with all the great money saving function’s awnings provide for your home. Because of the high quality of our awnings we offer a 10 year warranty on both fabric and frames.
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